Monday, June 14, 2010

Plein air

I attended a plein air workshop conducted by Kim Weineck at Gallery 9 in Norwood and it was a lot of fun. It was also another fine learning opportunity and Kim did an excellent job. There were familiar faces there including my wife, Ann Gorbett, the famous palette knife painter. I felt like a real painter out there in the elements and all that. I painted in oils this time and this is the result which I'm happy with (I couldn't find any apples in my search for subject matter). I'd still like to finish it up a little in the studio but thought I'd get it posted while it's still fairly fresh.


  1. So nice to see you started a blog, Polo. I've been hearing of you for awhile through Ann's blog. The tomatoes and garlic and onions...and ok, I admit it, the clams...make me crave linguine with clam sauce. (I am nothing if not a food lover!) The pears are absolutely gorgeous! And I love the point of view of your plein aire piece. I'm really coming to love cityscapes like the one you've done here...They leave me wondering what goes on behind the windows...

  2. P. S. My husband is a pipe officianado. As to how to hold a cognac glass? Let me think...Don't most people on tv hold it with the stem of the glass through the middle fingers of the hand? 'Course, if you are southsider from Chicago...and you drink probably pour it into a jelly glass and ham fist it. LOLOL (And yes, I'm a Chicago southsider.)